Lift and Escalator Management Systems: Requirements and Implementation

Richard Peters and Jim Nickerson

Wednesday 18th September 2019

This paper addresses the challenges of developing a Lift and Escalator Management (LEM) System for owners and property management companies that operate multiple sites with lift and escalator equipment from multiple vendors. The requirements of people managing lifts and escalators are different to those supplying and maintaining the equipment. Sometimes this can create conflicts of interest. With the absence of a popular open standard, extracting information from modern lift and escalator controllers can be complex. A solution proposed accepts data over RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet and volt-free. Once an interface is in place, data needs to be transferred securely over the internet. For reliability, a wired internet connection is preferred, although mobile broadband is possible where there is coverage. Wired connections over secure company networks require special solutions to minimise blocking of data by firewalls. Users now expect a modern interface working on any web browser on computers, tablets and phones. The volume of data collected is enormous, requiring management and analysis to provide useful user feedback. Any equipment installed on site needs to be maintenance free to avoid excessive ongoing costs.

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