ISO DIS 8100-32 on Planning and Selection of Passenger Lifts

Marja-Liisa Siikonen

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Work to revise the ISO 4190-6:1984 standard on lift planning and selection of passenger lifts, to be installed in residential buildings [1], started in 2014. This spring (2019), the new ISO DIS 8100-32 [2] was approved for the final ballot. The Draft International Standard (DIS) extends the lift traffic planning, from residential buildings of the current standard ISO 4190-6, to planning and selection of passenger lifts to be installed in office, hotel and residential buildings. In addition, the draft document takes into account the accessibility for persons with impaired disabilities. The draft considers not only the morning up-peak traffic but also traffic mixes for lunch hour and two-way traffic. It can be applied to conventional control with up and down call buttons and destination control systems. The use of the planning methods is demonstrated by examples in the Annexes of the draft document.

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