Impact of Learning Style Preferences and Social Media Use on the environment of Distance Learning for Engineers in the Vertical Transportation Industry

Thomas Ehrl, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Jonathan Adams and Benedikt Meier

Wednesday 18th September 2019

The world became a digital world, where the internet and modern communication channels have changed the way people interact and communicate with each other. On the other hand, digital technology drives the concepts of advanced learning and allows access to learning environment anytime, anywhere. Based on the results of a quantitative survey conducted with participation of engineers and students across the entire world, a new pedagogic concept for Distance Learning (for the subject of Advanced Machine Dynamics) has been developed in this study. The paper examines the concept and structure of the survey and looks into the analysis of the results. Furthermore, it emphasizes the impact of Social Media on the success and effectiveness of learning considering different Learning Style preferences. The paper concludes with recommendations to improve the Distance Learning mode of delivery to ensure a learner-centric approach and optimized learning results. The results of this study, combined with the results of research projects that focus on the performance of rope-less Passenger Transportation Systems, will help to improve the Learning Environment and concept of Distance Learning for engineers in the Vertical Transportation industry.

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