The Optimization of a Learning and Training Portfolio at a Multinational Lift Manufacturer

Thomas Ehrl, Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Jonathan Adams and Benedikt Meier

Wednesday 19th September 2018

The seed campus organization, a learning provider with hubs and satellites in each region of the business, is the global, sole learning provider at the multinational Lift Manufacturer for business-specific and business-adopted training. However, due to different histories of each core hub (Asia Pacific, Europe/Africa and North America), the learning offerings differ from region to region. In addition, Education Technology is evolving at a dramatic pace, which requires an agile design approach for training programs and courses. This paper looks into the current state of that lift and escalator engineering training & learning curriculum. It examines the fundamental pedagogic design principles as well as the latest lift engineering requirements and technology trends to develop relevant and up-to-date Adult Learning strategies. The paper concludes with recommendation to improve the seed campus curriculum catalogue to ensure that the current expectations from the internal user group and the business are met.

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