Systems Engineering Approach: Postgraduate Programme Bridging the Gap Between the Theory and Industrial Practice in Lift (Elevator) Engineering

Stefan Kaczmarczyk, Rory Smith and Nick Mellor

Tuesday 15th May 2018

The paper provides a comprehensive introduction to, and an appraisal of, a postgraduate Lift Engineering programme. The programme is based on systems engineering approach and has been designed to transfer the underpinning knowledge required for effective advanced engineering design, research and management in the lift (elevator) making and allied industries. The provision evolved from the distance learning programme which was originally developed following the introduction of the first edition of the European standard EN 81-1:1977. Some parts of the programme have been modified appropriately to reflect other national codes such as ASME/ANSI A17.1. The programme comprises the Masters - level course. The research degree programme offers then an opportunity for successful candidates to study towards PhD / MPhil. An example is discussed to illustrate how research-informed learning aids the solution of complex Lift Engineering design problems. The analysis demonstrates how practice, learning and research are integrated into the programme.

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