Stress Analysis of Machine Supporting Beam System for Large Tonnage Lift

Xiaomei Jiang and Lanzhong Guo

Tuesday 15th May 2018

With the development of social economy and industry, people's demands for automation, batch production and high efficiency become higher which also stimulate the development of lift industry. Some kinds of lifts have higher requirements for carrying capacity and safety, so the large tonnage lift came into being in large manufacture factories. The distance between the supporting points of the machine supporting beam is wider. During the lift's operation, the deflection and the stress of the machine supporting beam are larger, so a reasonable machine supporting beam structure system is needed. Design of large tonnage lift is beyond the conventional standard of professional design, normally has to meet some special requirements according to the requirements of customers. In this paper, the layout and the stress analysis of the machine supporting beam system for traction machine of large tonnage lift, as well as the corresponding finite element analysis of important loadbearing parts were performed and the checks also carried on, finally the design and material selection of the machine supporting beam system are determined and practically applied.

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