Our Accessible World & The New Part 70

Adam J Scott

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Advances in education, diet and medicine have brought wonderful benefits to us all over recent decades, not least of which is the potential to live longer. Average age is on an upward trend creating a growing need for us to influence our built environment in such a way as to maintain and improve accessibility for all. Since its first publication in 2003, EN 81-70 [1] has provided us with the framework for the design of safe, accessible passenger lifts for all. As a harmonized standard it is a key document referenced in both The Building Regulations Approved Document M and British Standard 8300, and has established itself as the de facto standard on the subject throughout Europe and beyond. Recent developments suggest the standard may indeed have the potential to become an ISO with global reach. This year should see the publication of the first revision to EN81-70 [2] since its original publication nearly fifteen years ago. It is the result of three years of work and much heated debate, consultation and comment. The presenter represented the British Standards Institution (BSi) on the CEN TC10/WG7 European drafting committee and therefore has insight into the new standard. This paper will present the key changes we will see in the new document, and the thinking behind them.

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