Exotic Flowers Blooming in the Dark Women in the Lift Industry in Europe

Undine Stricker-Berghoff

Wednesday 20th September 2017

Five years of professional life in the lift business in Germany brought up the plan to look into the idea of women in the lift industry in Europe. A questionnaire (see enclosure) and a direct mailing in the lift industry brought some answers and interviews. Dr. Gina Barney assisted representing views from the UK lift industry. After six weeks of intensive research in the summer of 2016, the results are disappointing: Nearly none of the European Lift Associations, “Big 4” or SMEs are aware of the topic and its implications. Though, certainly, the few women in the industry feel that the topic is important for themselves and their career. It is also vital for the future of the lift industry taking into account the dramatically rising demand for qualified personnel. This paper will focus on four relevant topics: - Associations as a mirror of the lift industry - Support from the “stronger” sex - Women speaking for themselves - Are women looking into a brighter future soon? The public presentation will help the next generation of women stepping “out of the shade” as well.

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