Your Lift Journey – How Long Will You Wait?

Caroline Bird, Richard Peters, Elizabeth Evans and Stefan Gerstenmeyer

Wednesday 21st September 2016

When passengers start their lift journey they initially wait for their call to be answered. Whilst travelling to their destination their trip is often interrupted by intermediate stops which are the result of other passengers’ calls. Dispatching algorithms optimize the handling capacity and quality of service of lift groups. The main criteria for quality of service is currently average passenger waiting time. Travel, overall journey time and number of stops are additional criteria. But which is the most important for passengers when they think about their trip? How can dispatching algorithms be improved and tailored to meet passengers’ expectations? An online questionnaire has been conducted asking people how they feel while using lifts and to help identify what passengers want and expect. The questions and results from the survey are presented and it is shown how the results can be applied to existing dispatching algorithms.

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