Changed Requirements In The International Lift Market Ask For New Pulley Types With Better Tension Equalization Features

Jawk Meijer and Lothar Sieber

Wednesday 21st September 2016

There is a clear trend in the lift construction: Due to the changes in the world population’s composition as well as the trend toward larger cities the need for new installations as well as modernization is rising. In these volume driven “standard” lifts total cost is the major driving force. In these lifts, small drives and plastic coated ropes or other traction media and pulleys of innovative character and flexible design are requested. This dimension reduction leads to problems in the suspension systems such as prolonged installation times and reduced traction media life time. In this presentation the newest product, which is developed to comply with these new circumstances is introduced. In practice a new type of deflection pulley is presented which improves installation and life time of plastic coated ropes.

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