How to Approach Lift Doors Modernization and Refurbishment Projects

Giuseppe De Francesco and Tommaso Sala

Wednesday 23rd September 2015

Millions of lifts are in use today in Europe. In many countries, more than half of the existing lifts are 25 years old or older. Few of them have been modernized to meet current safety and performance requirements. Nevertheless the aging of lifts can be made more effective, safer, more reliable and more comfortable through improvement and regular maintenance. EN 81-80 defines measures to be taken for existing elevators to bring them up to state-of-the-art standards. The objective is to reach, in existing lifts, the safety level prescribed in the EN 81 series of standards. There are also special requirements for lift doors, which should be refurbished according to the characteristics described by the latest operational safety regulations, including fire and vandal resistance. A dedicated approach, as well as a rehabilitation plan and schedule for lift door modernization can be established using the regulations in EN 81-80. These can include specialized services for the analysis of risk levels in existing lifts and refurbishment needs, including on-site surveys, as well as different solutions according to the type of modernization required: complete product substitution, single component replacement or customized solutions

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