The Importance of Choosing the Correct Door for Different Applications

Giuseppe De Francesco

Thursday 25th September 2014

Each specific installation requires lift doors with distinctive, well defined features and technical characteristics, which allow to satisfy the expectations and needs, not only of those who designed the lift system, but also of those who designed the whole building and, above all, of those who will use it. The functional and aesthetic characteristics of automatic lift doors are always combined with the essential requirements of product described by the European and International standard for the lift sector which, in many cases, significantly contribute to the definition of the distinctive characteristics of the component “door” for each application context. In the paper we will present some of the solutions that lift door manufacturers can offer to customers, architects, designers and installers even for the most complex and technically demanding projects: from standard to tailor-made automatic doors for any type of elevator, both for people and goods transportation, in skyscrapers, residential, civil, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as in hotels, hospitals and cruise ships. In order to improve the efficiency of any complete lift system, each lift door (and its components) should be specially designed and manufactured in order to offer customers the best possible solution for each specific application and requirement through the perfect combination of technology, functionality, security, comfort and innovative aesthetic solutions.

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