Hybrid Lift Group Control Systems

Len Halsey

Thursday 25th September 2014

Over recent years destination control systems have been embraced by all of the major and independent manufacturers having sat at the margins of the industry with only one company actively promoting its use. As the use of destination systems has risen the known benefits of providing an up peak booster have become a major factor in their being specified. However with the use of destination systems there has been a recognised perception that whilst providing benefits for up peak performance they are not as efficient at handling two way and inter floor traffic. This has resulted in some manufacturers offering hybrid group systems whereby destination control is used to dispatch lifts from the main lobby but uses a conventional two button system to call lifts on the upper floors with active car call buttons to select the destination floor. This paper compares the efficiency of hybrid systems with dedicated destination control systems across a variety of office building applications. It also looks at the human factors that present barriers to hybrid systems

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