Application of Linear Motor Technology for Variable Speed Passenger Transportation Systems

Alberto Pello, Isabel G. Mieres, Jose Mendiolagoitia, Jose Ojeda, Javier Sesma and Benedikt Meier

Thursday 26th September 2013

Moving walkways are high capacity continuous systems able to transport people. Their limitation today is the transportation time, due to the speed, to ensure a safe embarking and disembarking of passengers. The potential application of variable speed horizontal continuous systems to improve effectiveness of traditional moving walkways is analysed in this paper. Different existing concept alternatives to achieve variable speed are presented, stressing those that are currently open to the public. These solutions are based on mechanical systems that mostly include conventional motors with driving shafts, sprockets, gears, rollers and chain transmissions among others. This paper gives a general overview of the background, motivation, technical solutions and challenges of variable speed solutions, focusing on the possible application of linear motor technology for the drive elements. The normative, safety and comfort levels of variable speed transportation systems have to be analysed under the existing knowledge and regulations of conventional moving walks and their particular aspects such as entry and exit speed, acceleration and jerk rates.

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