Traffic analysis based on the Up Peak Round Trip Time method why it works and how it can be improved

Rory S. Smith

Thursday 27th September 2012

The Up Peak Round Trip Time (UPRTT) method is based upon a traffic pattern presented by Strakosch in the 1960’s. This traffic pattern and the whole concept of how of how people use lifts has been called “a figment of the imagination” by Barney [1]. Barney goes on to state that “Countless buildings have been designed to its ‘illusion’ and the designs work”. The science behind the UPRTT method is examined and explained. The correctness of using a traffic estimate that does not initially appear to reflect reality is explored. Elevatoring solutions for proposed buildings were developed using the UPRTT method. The same proposed buildings were also evaluated using simulation and applying modern estimates of traffic and the application of new technologies. The solutions developed using the UPRTT method were shown to provide good traffic handling. The different solutions that were developed using simulation were found to provide equal or better traffic handling while being lower in cost and more sustainable.

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